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Steve and Jane Waddle.

Steve & Jane Waddle hold opening day bannerPhoto courtesy of John Bacon, staff photographer

Should you stop by Ballew’s Restaurant in Vancouver’s Heights area this week you may just ask that same question. Over the next few days a transformation of sorts will take place at this great place for food and drink. David Ballew, owner of Ballew’s Restaurant, is moving on to other adventures while Steven and Jane Waddle move in with DuckTales Kitchen. On Wednesday, Sept. 9, DuckTales Kitchen opens for business.

Ballew’s Restaurant opened at this location in 1996. Since that time it has become a traditional meeting and eating place on the east side of town, one well known for its fresh cuisine, simple menu, and fantastic happy hour.

“I don’t know where my next pay check will come from, “David says,” so until then I might do a little traveling. What the heck, no job, no kids, nothing to tie me down right now.” David also has an enormous amount of gratitude when it comes to the thirteen years he has been at this location. “I thank everyone in the neighborhood and the community for supporting Ballew’s Restaurant.”

By the way, Steven Waddle is the kid who bused the carhop trays at Waddle’s Drive-In Coffee Shop, his father’s restaurant, at Jantzen Beach. After that closed, he continued as general manager for Applewood NW Cuisine & Catering the past seven years. Jane, whom Steve calls “the driving force,” brings many years of experience in the restaurant business, along with sales and marketing experience. Jason Forster will be on board as chef and kitchen manager. Jason, who is Steve’s son-in-law, graduated from Western Culinary Institute and, following a stint at the Hotel Coronado in San Diego, California, worked with Steve at Applewood.

While there are changes in store over time with new menu items and catering to be added, some things will remain the same. The great staff of Ballew’s Restaurant will stay. This includes Lisa Laurance, who has been at Ballew’s for twelve and a half years. David makes clear that “Ballew’s wouldn’t have been the success it is without the staff. Lisa was always the boss.” Hours of operation and phone are the same: 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday; noon -8 p.m., Saturdays; closed on Sundays.

Yes, the name DuckTales Kitchen plays on the locally famous duck that sat atop Waddle’s Drive-In sign. Stop by next week and say hello; Steven and Jane look forward to hearing some of your favorite duck tales.

For further information or a sneak peak at the menu, visit www.ducktaleskitchen.com. To contact Steven or Jane Waddle, call 735-7932 or email waddleitbe@ducktales kitchen.com.

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