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I spent almost 2 years going out every Saturday morning looking for the best breakfast places to eat… I have been all over Vancouver Washington,  some places in Portland.  Every nook and cranny trying to find the spot that had the best food.

I found a few places… near the end of my Journey, my friend accompanied me. He is very unbiased like myself.  I don’t critique waiting for my food, or service if the food is amazing!  I would rather spend 30 mins waiting for amazing food, than have my food come out in 2 mins, and taste like it was thrown together in 2 mins…

Ducktales…. Ducktales has surpassed everyplace to this day and then some!! The contents of the food is hand picked by the cooks! How many restaurants can say that? The cooks prepare the best food I’ve tasted on my 2 year journey.  Great place to eat!

I have quit looking and have been a return customer for 2 years,  brought my family from out of town here, and whenever they come back… they request we come here… I must end it with… BEST BREAKFAST IN VANCOUVER!!

Catering in Vancouver WA
Catering in Vancouver WA
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Restaurant Daily Specials in Vancouver WA
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