Catering in Vancouver WA
Catering in Vancouver WA
Restaurant Daily Specials in Vancouver WA
Restaurant Daily Specials in Vancouver WA

Vancouver Washington Catering just hit the top of the charts!

DuckTales Kitchen, in Vancouver Washington opened it’s doors on September 8th, 2009. Since then the neighborhood restaurant has gotten rave reviews in local newspapers as well as popular restaurant review sites like What many are not aware of is that they can bring this fine food and great staff into their own home or business by having their event Catered by DuckTales Kitchen.

It is our hope that this blog will help our customers (and potential customers) learn the ins-and-outs of catering services in Vancouver, WA. Of course, we’ll share our own “catered special events” like our upcoming Easter Brunch and Mother’s Day events. When we host our own catered events they are generally held during a time when our restaurant is normally closed. This allows us to cater to guests that are looking for something special on these holidays. DuckTales Kitchen can also cater your event at their restaurant if you wish to have it on a day we are usually closed.

All of the promotion and talk about us aside, we also want this blog to be a tool that people in Vancouver, WA can use when they are researching their local catering options. We have discovered that most people think it is more cost effective to do their own food when entertaining – this is usually not true. When you host and cater an event you are not able to focus on your guests. By hiring professional caterers you can spend your time enjoying the people you have invited instead of avoiding them.

The information we hope to provide here will usually fall within one of these major categories:

  • Catering as a gift
  • Catering for business meetings
  • Catering for Private Parties
  • Catering for special occasions
  • FAQs about catering services
  • How to choose a catering company
  • What to expect from your caterer

We plan to post at least 2 times each week, sharing helpful information in one or more of these categories. If you like what we share you may want to sign up to receive notifications of new posts via email (see right hand column).

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